The Fiddleback

The Fiddleback

The Fiddleback is a national independent online magazine that publishes work by writers, artists and musicians.


The Fiddleback is an independent online magazine that publishes work by writers, artists and musicians. As an arts & literature magazine, the primary goal of The Fiddleback is to target readers from all demographics while providing free content that’s both innovative and enriching.


Founding Editor, Jeff Simpson, secured funding for the project by winning a Pepsi Refresh Grant in March of 2010. Once funding was no longer an issue, he was then tasked with the job of finding the right agency to create an online magazine that consciously stepped away from template-driven models common to many online periodicals without sacrificing functionality. From the beginning, Jeff made two things explicitly clear: All content had to be accessed with minimum mouse clicks, and the design had to eschew the “corporate look” in favor of punk rock aesthetics.


Jeff essentially handed us keys and told us to “bring the funk.” Having a client place complete trust in our creative abilities gave us the space to challenge norms, break habits, and rethink the possibilities of the web. Given the uniqueness of the magazine’s interdisciplinary approach to literature, music, and art, it was vital that we match that level of ambition. We gave the site a “funky” yet modern design and developed specific components, which allow readers to immediately access content from the latest issue with minimum clicks.


The Fiddleback published its first issue in December 2010 and continues to produce gorgeous, content-rich material. The site also took home a bronze ADDY award in 2011.