Smile Zone

Smile Zone

Smile Zone is a pediatric dentistry located in SW Oklahoma City


Smile Zone is a pediatric dentistry located in SW Oklahoma City. They specialize in providing state-of-the-art dental care to children ages birth to eighteen years, while maintaining a fun and exciting environment.


Smile Zone’s previous web developer was what we call a “boxed company.” That is, a shop that caters to one specific industry as a way to offer a low-cost, pre-packaged user experience. While it’s true that these companies know their industries, their inability to think “outside of the box” results in antiqued layouts and cookie-cutter aesthetics. If you look at Smile Zone’s virtual tour, you’ll notice that the place is branded to the hilt. Every inch of their office reflects their brand. From planetary ceiling tiles to a 14-foot rocket fitted with flat-panel monitors, not even the dust in this place is ordinary. Our challenge was to recreate the “wow” factor of SZ’s physical space while communicating to two distinct client demographics—children and the real decision makers, moms.


We designed a unique illustrative planet theme for the background image and added corresponding graphical elements, such as an alien mascot and asymmetrical content areas. The site has a fun, kid-centric feel while maintaining a clean and clutter-free layout to ensure that parents can find the information they’re looking for with ease.


According to Brent Greene, SZ’s Practice Development Specialist, the results have exceeded everyone’s expectations: “Our experience with Level9 and their sales production staff has been top notch. From the beginning they worked with us to insure they created a site that reflected our brand, culture and experience. Thanks to Level9, we have seen our website leads grow drastically since our site was launched in December of 2010.” The site also won us a silver medal at the 45th annual ADDY awards.