Classen Curve

Classen Curve

Classen Curve is a modern neighborhood retail center built for 21st century shopping.


Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, nestled between Classen Boulevard and Western Avenue, Classen Curve is quickly becoming the premiere location to dine, shop and play in OKC. This location also hosts a collection of innovative sculptures, shops and fine landscaping, complemented by a natural, sustainable pond. It’s a unique location for restaurants and retail outlets, such as The Republic Gastropub, 105degrees and Balliet’s.


The Classen Curve project was based on an aggressive renovation of urban development in Oklahoma City. Designed by renowned architect Rand Elliott (Pop’s, Chesapeake Boathouse, RED Prime), the physical landscape utilizes modern elements—sharp angles, large windows and open floor layouts—to create a striking complex that also incorporates the quaintness of a small town Main Street. To capture the look and feel of the physical design, we were tasked with the goal of creating a site that renovated the way OKC’s retail and service industries market themselves on the web. The site had to reflect the aesthetic refinement of the actual location while utilizing modern social media to attract and sustain a strong customer following. Elegance without sacrificing complexity. Style without losing functionality.


We created a site that is fully integrated with social media applications and utilizes multiple layers of animation—sliders, slideshows, 360 degree virtual tours, dynamic filtering menus, interactive site plan—without using a single instance of Adobe Flash, meaning every component is processor friendly and fully viewable on web compatible smart phones, iPhones or iPads. We also replicated the “Main Street” feel by creating individual pages for every Classen Curve tenant. Shop owners can sign-in through a secure zone to update their own content page as well as the interactive calendar of events.


The result is a beautifully modern site that is anything but brochure. By building tenant participation into the design, the site not only redefines marketing for urban shopping centers, it replicates the “Main Street” feel that is a vital component of the physical architecture.