BioPharma Scientific

BioPharma Scientific

The SuperFood Solution is a set of products offered by BioPharma Scientific, LLC.


BioPharma Scientific is a small team that formulates great tasting, natural, functional food powders that are rich in organic, high antioxidant phytonutrients and nutraceuticals for use as dietary supplements. Their philosophy is simple: make products that taste good and are good for you. Every BioPharma employee believes in their products one hundred percent. That means they don't mind being the lab rats for new products or going over a diet plan that will help customers achieve their goals. 


Their former site was very web 1.0 and had outgrown its skin. The site was difficult to maneuver and buying products was exceptionally unintuitive. BioPharma needed to reinvent their online image to reflect the passion and talent of their company as well as attract new evangelists (health professionals and consumers) to their line of products. They also had needed to migrate their existing distribution base to a new platform with minimal disruption and technical difficulties.


First we migrated their existing base of distributors into a database environment and built an email campaign that allowed each distributor to migrate their account and set up a new one. Then we gutted and rebuilt the website all the way down to the URL. By collaborating with their own marketing talent, we brought a completely new brand to the face of the website; reorganized all site content and streamlined the checkout process based on user-demographic data compiled by an independent analysis; automated the majority of their workflow processes; and enabled users to submit their own testimonials to the site. And by using Traffik CMS, the BioPharma team is able to log into one dashboard to review all of their site visits, orders, inquiries, forum posts, affiliate referrals, and patient/distributor logins. It's like upgrading from a Geo Metro to a brand new Mercedes. 


The new website began posting solid numbers from day one. The email campaign yielded an unattended, self-transfer of distributors in the ballpark of 35% within the first 24 hours. Sales began happening almost immediately in a fashion that seemed scripted. Completely new distributors signed up within the first few hours, and by the end of the first day BioPharma employees had a line of new evangelists to interview and approve. Clients were even posting praise reports in the new forums. If success is an antioxidant, this project was the bio-nutrient equivalent of drinking a gallon of pomegranate juice.