Allied Arts

Allied Arts

Allied Arts serves is the advocate and champion for Central Oklahoma's arts and cultural organizations.


Allied Arts was founded in 1971 by corporate, community and cultural leaders. As Oklahoma’s only United Arts Fund, Allied Arts generates awareness of the importance of the arts and mobilizes support for arts and cultural organizations. For 38 years, they have raised more than $39 million to advance the arts and cultural community.


When Allied Arts came to us, they had just finished rebranding their entire organization. They had a new logo, a revamped marketing strategy, and an existing website that was disorganized, unappealing, and unable to address Allied Art’s unique offerings and relationships with member agencies. It was our job to take these new components (the logo, the marketing plan) and build them a website that was greater than the sum of its parts. Essentially, we were tasked with giving them a new identity.


Allied Arts granted us open creative freedom for the new site, which allowed us to take their general ideas and create something extraordinary. We gave the site a colorful mosaic feel centered around a promotional video that highlights their work with member agencies. The site also boasts a custom blog and interactive, 360 degree virtual tours of some of Oklahoma’s most renowned art centers, such as The Oklahoma City Museum of Art.


Since our redesign, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to the site as well as the number of inquiries from arts groups and private donors. Everyone involved with Allied Arts was extremely pleased with the outcome, and they continue to work with us to keep their site relevant and robust. The site also won an ADDY Award from the American Advertising Federation.