Abuelo's is an innovator of Mexican cuisine that combines menu creativity and outstanding food with a relaxing courtyard-themed atmosphere


Since breaking onto the food scene in 1989, Abuelo’s has consistently been on the leading edge of Mexican cuisine, combining menu creativity, outstanding food, and colorful plate presentations with superior service. Every dish is made to order from scratch using only the freshest premium ingredients.


In a nutshell, Abuelo’s previous site failed to capture their brand and, more importantly, their food. However, the problem isn’t Abuelo’s specific so much as it’s an industry-wide problem. For some reason, most designers and restaurant marketing staff lose their minds when they decide to take their eatery online. It’s not hard to make an outstanding cheesecake or mouth-watering fajitas. It’s also not difficult to completely ruin them with neglectful cooking, yet when it comes to building restaurant websites it seems that most agencies forget or ignore the basics.


A restaurant site should be easy to navigate, fully viewable on iPhones and mobile devices, and tasteful (no pun intended). To make Abuelo’s 2.0 a success we designed the homepage around subtle textures and overlays using zero Flash, built a jQuery slider to showcase their professionally-shot images, made navigation easy and intuitive, and created an interactive menu that’s a thousand times easier to keep current than .PDFs. We also integrated the location search functionality with Google maps to make finding the nearest Abuelo’s a breeze no matter if you’re surfing at home or on the go.


The result is a site that sizzles and entices without distractions.