CapitolBeatOK is an independent, nonpartisan news service based at the Oklahoma state capitol providing regular coverage of the legislature, executive branch, agencies, and the judiciary. CapitolBeatOK is contracted by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) to provide incisive news reporting on areas of broad public interest.


CapitolBeatOK is a political news organization that provides an independent nonpartisan voice on Oklahoma politics. They were created because of the decline in the number of reporters covering news at the Capitol due to cutbacks. They are based at the Oklahoma State Capitol Building and are sponsored by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. Their main focus is to supply fair steady coverage of the government’s branches and agencies.


CapitolBeatOK needed an effective way to dispense information about the Capitol’s happenings. At the time they had no online presence. They needed a site where contributors could upload pictures and articles with ease. And they also wanted the site to be continuously updated through social media feeds, video and picture capabilities, and podcasts.


We created an easily updatable, organized site. Breaking News is prominently place in the top center of homepage. The social media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Podcasts, and the signup for their newsletter, surround this area. The site is focused on effortlessly obtaining and posting political news. Contributors can upload as many as four pictures to accompany their stories.


The site has become a useful tool for people interested in Oklahoma politics as well as contributors that want to make events at the Capitol known. The social media tools reflect the steadily rising number of people using the site. is continually growing in popularity on the web, which was one of the main goals of creating a bold online presence.