Visit Shawnee

Visit Shawnee is the marketing and visitors information website for the Shawnee, Oklahoma CVB.


The Shawnee Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (SCVB) is the extension of the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce that concentrates on promoting and marketing sustainable tourism and economic development for the city.  The fundamental goal of the SCVB is to make Shawnee a popular travel destination. The people of Shawnee, from business owners to the city itself, benefit from the fulfillment of this goal.

Problem is a tourism site that’s main functionality is to show people the value of visiting Shawnee. The previous site was inadequate and unappealing. It failed to encompass the city’s unique offerings, which is one of the most important distinguishing characteristics among tourism sites. It also lacked the “wow” factor that it needed to make it standout. And, since this is the primary way that visitors get to see Shawnee before actually visiting, it is of the utmost importance for the site to be intriguing.


The SCVB granted us open creative freedom for the new site, which allowed us to take their general ideas and create something out of the ordinary. We gave the site a fun vacation scrapbook feel that highlights the city’s attractions and events. The inside pages have a “did you know” application that rotates with interesting facts about Shawnee. The site also boasts an itinerary feature that allows tourists to plan their entire vacation in one easy step.


Since the redesign, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of visitors to the site and people filling out contact us forms. The number of scheduled conventions has increased as well. The Chamber of Commerce, along with the Shawnee residents and business owners, were extremely pleased with the outcome and representation of their city. The site was also awarded an ADDY by the American Advertising Federation.