Buy For Less

Buy For Less

Buy For Less is an Oklahoma City metro grocery store chain.


Buy for Le$$ is a grocery store chain with stores primarily in the Oklahoma City metro area. In 2009 they opened their twelfth location. Buy for Le$$ not only caters to the growing Hispanic community, they have also expanded their specialties to include cafes, cooking classes featuring items found in the store, and sushi. They are known for their low prices and extensive variety of international products.


With all of this growth over the last couple of years, Buy for Le$$ needed an updated website to match their progressive marketing campaign. The previous site was sub-par and difficult to navigate. It didn’t reflect the new image that they were in the process of creating. They also wanted to have a better way to connect with the shoppers who prefer to use the web.


Most importantly, we wanted the new site to be vibrant. We took the colors that were synonymous with their logo along with the idea of a grocery bag and created a site that made you hungry for more, no pun intended. The slideshow at the top of the home page furthers this thought by displaying the weekly specials with a link to that week’s ads. We made the site with new additions in mind too. Their marketing campaign had several stages, so we made the site with the capabilities to add more items and pages as needed.


Buy for Le$$’s new presence on the web has completely changed their image as a company. They are now looked upon as the go-to grocery store in the metro for much more than just their bargains. Their implementation of The Gourmet Grille Café, Sushi at the Grille, and cooking classes has put them on a new tier. The new site won an ADDY as soon as it was launched. Buy for Le$$ has gone on to win five more ADDY's for different aspects of their marketing campaign, including the newsletter template that matches the website.