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Sunday, June 26, 2011 - Craig Teel

Ch ch ch ch changes

Big things are happening here at Level9, and I'm excited to share with everyone what can be expected from us in the future!

First of all, I'm honored and humbled to be taking the role of President of Level9. Until recently, I was one of two principle owners of our agency. Additionally, I also served as Creative Director in charge of both the creative direction of client projects as well as our company. Truthfully, most of the time I got my hands dirty working on projects rather than actually providing creative direction. Going forward, I'll be spending most of my time overseeing the entire vision and direction of our company, determining innovative new methods for us to help our clients engage with their audiences, and finally being able to earn that Creative Director title. With that being said, we have some amazing new creative talent joining us, and I can't wait to see what brilliant ideas we can come up with for our upcoming projects.

These changes bring several benefits to us and our clients. First, it will allow us to have a more focused dedication to producing even more stunning results. Second, having more creative minds contributing input will undoubtedly raise the bar for ourselves. Also, this year we'll be launching our own web-based product. It's a tool that makes our job easier, so we can only imagine that other companies will find it useful and easy to use as well. Our restructuring will allow us to expedite bringing this to the public.

I'm a "Creative" at heart, always trying to think differently about the world around me and attempting to come up with new ideas that push boundaries. That concept has always been a driving force for Level9 as a company, and in the future these changes will only strengthen that ideology. Every single person here is a Creative and an invaluable asset to the overall success of our company. Without them, Level9 would be just ordinary, and that's something we just aren't willing to be.

As we pave the path for future growth, we look forward to becoming an even stronger agency, stampeding into new territory and blazing a trail that clients can believe will take them to new heights in the digital age.

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